About US

About US

Who We Are

Adopt A Cop is the brain child of Sgt. Frank Danysh, 25 year Veteran of Boynton Beach Police Department. We are a dedicated team of local police officers, Community activists, parents, teachers, business owners and young people who wish to improve our relationships by joining forces for the betterment of children.

Where We Are


Our volunteers and children are located in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami Dade Counties. Currently, our program has developed around Clubs and Organizations who support mentoring children and young adults.

Our emphasis is to provide guidance and information to our communities through one-on-one mentoring or group participation.

What We Do

Improving Lives Within the Community

Our children and young adults in our communities are sometimes in need of direction and information which will help them improve their well-being within the community.

We take their hands and guide and mentor these children and young adults with the help of volunteers, businesses, organizations and school systems.


Adopt A Cop USA is a Community based 501c3 that partners Children in our communities with our Law Enforcement officers and affiliated volunteers. 

Mentoring Children and Young Adults In:

  • Character Building
  • Courage
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Self-Respect
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Physical Fitness
  • Safety and Awareness
  • Community Participation
  • Accountability & Communication
  • Leadership

Goals and Objectives

Adopt A Cop USA programs will help improve relations between the children and young adults in the community and law enforcement through a trusted partnership fostering Clarity, Trust, Communication and Mutual Respect between the Community, Kids and Law Enforcement.

Adopt A Cop will positively influence and develop the hearts of children and our police officers.

Adopt A Cop plans fun Community Events including fishing tournaments, boating, nature walks, sports competitions and meet and greets to shake hooves and paws with our four legged officers!


How you Can Help

  • Make a financial contribution by visiting our website
  • Sponsor a FUNDRAISING Event
  • Donate your professional time
  • Become a Volunteer, or a Board Member
  • Request to be an AAC Mentor
Request AAC program in your classroom
  • Join our Newsletter
  • Tell your friends, family and Co-Workers about Adopt-A-Cop USA!