AAC Outdoor Crusaders

AAC Outdoor Crusaders

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Teaching children about the importance of land and marine conservation is vital to the future or our natural ecosystems.

Adopt a Cop USA Outdoor Crusaders focuses on limiting human-caused damage to land and marine ecosystems,

restoring damaged ecosystems, and preserving vulnerable species.

At a time when many of our youth are consumed with video games, smartphones and television; we believe that this unique outdoor experience will help us accomplish our goal of exposing children to real life experiences in a natural setting.

AAC Outdoor Crusaders will host weekend trips around Florida to fish, hike, plant and explore Florida’s great

outdoors, while illustrating the importance of protecting our valuable natural resources.


AAC Outdoor Crusaders

Traveling around Florida doing fun stuff with the kids and cops.

🐬Swimming with wild dolphins in the Florida Keys.

🦅 Watching bald eagles on Cape Kennedy

🐢 Visiting the Marathon Turtle Hospital.

🐚Beach clean-ups

🐿 State Park Segway Safaris 

🐊 Air-boat Adventures 

🦏 Zoo habits

🐄 Interactions with manatees in Crystal River.

🐟 Fishing club will fish after school and weekends.

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