AAC Mentoring Program

AAC Mentoring Program

Adopt a Cop focuses its efforts on improving relations between law enforcement and the community.  

This is accomplished in a variety of ways by supporting and participating in programs and activities that close the gap between law enforcement and the community.  

Adopt A Cop recognizes the important work being done to affect positive change by law enforcement agencies, non-profits, businesses, organizations and other community stakeholders and joins forces with all interested parties in order to increase each entity’s capacity to serve identified needs.

Adopt A Cop has embraced mentoring as a means to bring together young people and law enforcement in a non-confrontational atmosphere where true communication can occur.  

Too often adolescents and law enforcement personnel are at odds when it comes to talking about common issues and developing strategies for improvement.  

The Adopt A Cop Mentoring Program is designed to match elementary school students with current and retired law enforcement personnel who are interested in eliminating the school to prison pipeline by removing barriers that often lead to misunderstanding by both groups.

Target: ​Fourth grade students attending public elementary schools in Broward, Miami Dade and Palm Beach Counties.

Programs for age groups and areas outside the target are available.

Rationale:​ Too often programs are designed to address problems after they occur.  

This program will in many cases represent the first time that these students have had the opportunity to talk to and relate with law enforcement in an atmosphere that is positive and goals oriented.  

The Adopt A Cop Mentoring Program will be available to students who have had little or no contact with law enforcement thereby ensuring that their first one-on-one experience with law enforcement is non-threatening and conducive to the development of open lines of communication.  

It is also important for members of law enforcement to have the opportunity to approach their jobs as prevention agents rather than always enforcers.

Program Components:

➢ Weekly ½ hour mentoring meetings between off-duty law enforcement officers and youth in one-on-one or small group sessions.

➢ Implement mentoring program as part of an 8 week “Book Camp” during which mentors will read 4 age appropriate books with students and focus on 8 character traits.

Focus on strategies to introduce and reinforce Character Development Traits to help students make good choices while recognizing the consequences of their actions.  

These will include: 

  • Respect, 
  • Responsibility, 
  • Honesty/ Trust, 
  • Caring/ Fairness, 
  • Perseverance, 
  • Self-Discipline, 
  • Courage, 
  • Citizenship and Life Skills.

Improve student literacy skills through reading and other literacy activities to ensure that students are reading at or above grade level.  

➢ Expand student knowledge of science and technology through activities and information about the environment.

➢ Arrange field trips, 

hands-on activities, 

and guest presentations that will increase the student’s exposure to new experiences and provide an opportunity for the adult mentor to share these experiences with the student.

➢ Provide additional support to the parents of students in the mentoring program through meetings, 


and sharing of information that will help families build upon the skills and strategies students will obtain while participating in the mentoring program.

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