AAC 10-94 Club

AAC 10-94 Club

Rendering assistance to an officer in need!

You made it, the day you have been waiting for has finally arrived after 20, 25 or even 30 years.

I spent the majority of my life serving my country and my community for 29 years. The moment I had looked forward to over all these years was here and then “boom” it hit me.

A plain brown wrapped item was left at my doorstep. What the heck was this? I don’t remember ordering anything.

It was from Boynton Beach Police Department. I picked it up and it had some weight to it. I tore back the wrapping and realized it was a plaque. I worked there for 25 years and they mailed me a plaque? No note or card, no thank you letter for all the little league games and Birthday party’s I missed, not to mention wedding anniversaries and date nights. I’m sure that helped caused the two divorces and less than perfect relationship with my son. 

I couldn’t wait to get out of there and now I feel like I lost my best friend. I had almost lost  two of my best friends, one from a shooting and one was run over by a car during a pursuit. WTF? 

What the Frank? 

You know that feeling on a roller coaster when it’s climbing and then it drops over that final height and your now plunging downward and your gut is in your throat? That was me, I was so confused and I thought something was very wrong with me. 

We train for so many situations in law enforcement from active shooter to bombs and critical incidents but we never were trained for this. You get thrown out with the bath water and there is no net to catch you. Your friends and family can’t relate. Your identity has been stripped from you and you are standing there naked against the world you have protected for all these years.

I never thought it would have happened to me.

It did and I thought, wow, can I adjust to the civilian world? I had a pension but don’t I have more to give, this world is worse than when I started, I didn’t do a damn thing to change it for the better. Then I started thinking it about it. I did make some differences, I did help a ton of people including kids. I still can change the world. How? was the next question. I’m going to teach kids that not all cops are jerks and that we are really here to help. 

That was the birth of Adopt a Cop USA. A program to mentor kids with law enforcement officers. How about helping officers that are thinking about suicide due to police PTSD? That was the additional birth of The 10-94 Club. A program providing a back-up buddy. This begins with a weekend mental oil change. Officers explore where they are in their careers and the mental preparedness.

One hundred and eight officers took their lives last year. We as a profession do not ask for help, we provide the help in society. Asking for help makes us look weak and if we are weak we can’t be respected by our peers or the public. We have to be in control, always and everywhere 24/7. So what’s our options when we can’t talk to someone who can help, we don’t trust anyone except for other cops? Like on the “job” we request a back-up. This is where our brotherhood years ago was the strongest. Shifts of 10 and 12 hours have eroded the bonds that held us together in tough and dark times. It’s time to bring back those traditions of the past to protect our noble profession and more importantly our men and women who protect the innocent sometimes with our very lives. If we survive to retire what baggage do we bring home to our loved ones, the tattered remains and leftovers of our tormented and frustrated minds with the injustices we see in the system we swear to uphold. 

The solution to help our brothers and sisters in need? To provide a conduit in a healthy, safe and confidential release on a pressure cooker profession. When a member faces the dark wall our back-up buddy provides that hand up or a push up over that wall. Our training helps officers identify the characteristics and warning signs so that they can reach out before it’s too late. Prevention practices are always more effective than reactions to circumstances out of control. Now is the time to protect yourself. No matter where you are in your career, just starting or preparing to retire this assistance is available for you. Of course this is a voluntary program and our strength lays in your involvement. Only you can prevent a tragedy from occurring just like on the mean streets we can control an incident with preventive measures. We must identify the issues and then create a solution. We will conduct weekly status checks on our partners much like dispatch used to check on the welfare of the officers on a call. When an officer failed to respond we alerted additional units to respond. We will follow the same procedures and protocol. 

Help us help you and the ones you love. You are worth it and so are they. Log on to our web site and will will send you the information on how to get involved.


3 hour Training:


Identify your issues

Create a solution

Activate Plan

Evaluate every week

Spread the word

Oil Change Weekend:

Reserve your spot

Notify that you will be out of contact

Arrive at location

House keeping (confidential)

Work out body

Work out mind

Work out future

Nature equals nurture

Overhaul Week:

Same as weekend but spend more time on individual evaluations and more in depth solution based programming also more emphasis on recruiting more 10-94 officers.

Develop a daily habit

Why is this training important?

Officers are exposed to more trauma and death than ever before. 

Main stream media, movies and music has made us huge targets. Not to mention officers being hired below standards and making poor judgment calls are destroying our image.

We want to be classified as professionals and our peers are constantly acting to the contrary. Not everyone hired should be retained but the probation process is far from being enacted. We are so short staffed that we just want some relief no matter what. In the end  the consciences are detrimental to our future.

Training officers have barely completed probation and are now training new officers. Experience has been traded for education and the results are in. Power point officers are no substitute for real world decision making expertise. 

Now we the movers and shakers are picking up the pieces of the puzzle. This adds to the frustration of fatigue of 12 hour shifts and increased pressure and scrutiny. The vets have to pick up the slack and the hits just keep on coming.

We become saturated with an over exposure of social injustice. Who do we call when we can’t talk to our family or civilian friends because they don’t understand or we don’t think they can caused we tried to explain so many times before. We don’t want to look weak so we can’t confide in our LEO friends the pressure builds to a bursting point and we feel trapped.

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