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Your contributions provide a dedicated Officer the tools and resources necessary to effectively mentor and help an at risk Child.

Your AAC USA Membership will make a Big Difference in Police and Community relations. Starting with the Youth.

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The Joe Crowder Fishing Club has been created as a ...

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AAC Mentoring Program

Adopt a Cop focuses its efforts on improving relations between ...

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Student Mentorship

The Adopt A Cop Mentoring Program is designed to match elementary school students with current and retired law enforcement personnel who are interested in eliminating the school to prison pipeline by removing barriers that often lead to misunderstanding by both groups.


Bring Community to Wholeness by:

  1. Supporting local law enforcement officers in mentoring children and thereby becoming a deeper part of the community

  2. Helping children to understand what community is by Adopting Cops as mentors and friends

  3. Showing families how community can grow with people and agencies working hand-in-hand.

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